Say Yes on Saturday - The latest book from Lawrence Schneider

This inspiring story is bursting with humor and tenderness. It follows the struggles of Clarence, a shy dyslexic boy, from a working class family in Cleveland. Though his grandfather predicts that he will be special, he must face challenging adventures to find the way.

When he falls in love with a beautiful, outgoing girl who doesn’t even recognize his existence, he resolves to change in order to win her.

After a lifetime of searching, Clarence discovers the true meaning of life, loyalty, and love.

A Thoroughly Engaging Coming-of-Age Story

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I smiled every time I reached for this book--laughed and cried while enjoying this enchanting story you have shared with all.

- Lorraine Bazzell

I was surprised at how this novel prompted me to become so invested in reading about Clarence’s life.The story telling invites one to join in learning about the life experiences of a young school boy who advances in years to the point of becoming an octogenarian not quite ready for retirement. The prevailing wondrous truth in this story is that persistence is a sure predictor for success and that gentle genuine humor securely paves the way.

- Pat Lackey

Insights in 3D - Ten Years of Sculpture

A coffee-table book, 134 pages.

After twenty four years of hobby woodcarving, Lawrence Schneider gave in to his creative compulsion to express himself artistically and committed himself full time to sculpting. Insight in 3D is a celebration and homage to his first ten years as a dedicated artist. The winner of the 2014 Visual Arts Award in the State of Maryland Governor’s Leadership in Aging competition, Schneider finds his life experiences provide him with a steady stream of creative inspiration that makes his sculptures unique treasures. This gorgeously photographed book reveals the skill and craftsmanship involved. Mr. Schneider’s commentary shares the thought, intent, and wisdom that permeate his body of work.

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